You ever have an “ahha moment” that hits you like a ton of bricks?

I have them literally all the time. But I also consume a lot of personal development material and information. This concept that I’m about to share with you, I literally just learned from an audio CD that came with my membership to success magazine.

photo-4Its the July, 2013 with Matt Damon on the cover incase your wondering. And the interview was with Darren Hardy and Martha Beck. Now that i’ve given proper credit I’m just going to jump right into the lesson.

Here it goes… How to answer any question, or solve any problem.

Step 1 – Focus on the question or so called “problem…” Bring it to the forefront of your mind.

Maybe the question is, “how do I turn my current annual income into my monthly income?” or, “what should I do with my life?” or “How do I get my marketing message out to a larger, higher quality audience?”

All great, high level questions.

Step 2 – Put the verbal (left side) of your brain to sleep. And awaken the non-verbal (right side) of your brain through movement, motion and sensation. In other words, get out of your mind and into your body.

You could do this by taking a walk, but a more effective way would be an intense bike ride down a steep hill. Where you have to completely present and aware, or else you could seriously injure yourself.

For me snowboarding on the bunny slope wouldn’t do it. I would still be able to go into my verbal brain because its comfortable to me. However, snowboarding down a steep double black diamond while navigating unmarked obstacles in a snow storm would do it. I would have no choice but to be completely present and aware in my body.

What is this activity for you?

Step 3 – Allow the super-computer that is your brain to pop the answer into the forefront of your mind.

Thats it. This exercise obviously requires faith and a great deal of courage since you are putting your body into harms way if you want to really do it right. I think thats why I like it so much.

Does this make sense to you?

Do you see how getting outside your head and into your body, where you are more present, activates the sub-conscious that contains infinite intelligence and the answer to any question and any problem.

You already know the answer. You just have to allow yourself to discover it.

Leave me a comment below if you agree/disagree.



i_love_marketing_rude_reasons_and_cheeky_terms_tshirt-rf6db4bf1290f415a89266c995585f27f_8nhm6_512I’m a marketer.

I love marketing and teaching marketing principles and strategies to others.

And thats why I love the May 2013 issue of Success Magazine!

Its all about marketing, telling compelling stories to stick your marketing message in the mind of your prospects, making youtube videos that your customers love, tips for getting your marketing content to go viral and WAY more! It even features one of my childhood idles, Harrison Ford on the cover ; )

Now don’t get me wrong. Success magazine is usually full of personal and business development information on a wide range of topics that make us savvier entrepreneurs and more productive, well-rounded human beings. But in my 2+ years that I’ve been subscribing to success magazine I’ve never seen an issue with this much comprehensive and exciting information about marketing….

And better yet, marketing in the 21st century.

Here are some of the marketing lessons I pulled from the May 2013 issue of success.

Marketing is campaigning, not promoting - Brandon Burchard, New York Times best selling author of the millionaire messenger and the Charge asks, “are you just posting and prospecting once in a while or are you running for president?” Burchard goes on to explain that “a promotion is a singular touch-point with your audience designed to lead to a specific outcome, a campaign is a series of promotions designed to capture peoples hearts and minds and lead to a specific outcome.” See the difference? I also loved how Brendon said that early in his career he realized that marketing is an essential business skill. If you are in business you’d better learn marketing, or go broke!
Marketing is Leadership – Okay this lesson also came from Brendon’s article in the issue. I will get away from his stuff in a minute because there is a ton of great marketing lessons from people other than Brendon, but the guy has made $10,000 in the past 12 months from his marketing efforts so don’t you think its wise that we extract a few more nuggets from this deca-millionaire marketer’s brain? Now I’m going to summarize here. Leadership is mobilizing people into action, right? And whats marketing? Mobilizing people into action? Yes! Brendon poses the question, “what should people pay attention to and why?, what should they act on and why?, by answering these questions in your marketing, you have a shot at making a real difference.”

Making compelling youtube videos that customers love - Jason Dorsey shared an article with Success readers in this issue all about making youtube videos that customers love. Jason is known as the GenY guy and has contributed a ton of information to success about how to reach that young, mysterious audience. So it makes sense he talks about youtube right? Jason explains that there are 2 main types of expert videos on youtube. Entertaining, informative and how-to. And you should ask these 3 questions before you make your videos. “who do I want watching my videos: customers, influencers, the general public?, what do I want them to do after they watch: sign up for something?, contact me?, or share the video with others?” You can find more cool video marketing tips in the article which is on page 28 of the issue.
Nailing your Email Marketing Campaigns - Now I’m kinda partial to this topic because i love email marketing! I love thinking up creating subject lines and testing different subject lines to see which one gets me the best open rates! Making email marketing a cornerstone of reaching my own customers has no doubt made me a ton of money and I’ve been able to learn the million dollar skill of copywriting in the process. Thats why I was ecstatic to see that there was an article all about effective email marketing. Rieva Lesonsky writes that email marketing is still the most effective way to reach potential customers. Here are some really cool, simple tips from the article, -If you use images in your emails, put some text behind the image so it displays if the prospects “display image” function is turned off. This way it will say something like, $25 off coupon, rather than a meaningless generic text like image-19. -Set expectations when someone subscribes to your list. Let them know how often you will mail to them and what kind of information they should expect from you. – Periodically send opt-in requests to “older” recipients to ensure they still want to hear from you.” The article also discusses several don’t's of email marketing like, “don’t purchase a list of email addresses. Don’t sell, sell, sell. Don’t be spammy. Don’t use ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME. I highly recommend you read this full article to get more juicy email marketing tips and insights.
Story Telling To Touch the Hearts of your prospects - Nancy Duarte, author of “Resonate: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences” shares that people are interested in transformation, and in a well told story; they see themselves in that story.” The classic 3 part story structure is: 1. Set up the hero as a likable person. 2.The hero faces difficulty, which he or she works hard to overcome. 3 The hero emerges, transformed. The article is full of more great story telling tips to capture the hearts and minds of your potential customers and business partners and shares real world examples of successful business who have used compelling stories to drive their marketing message home.

Speaking of compelling storytelling and effective marketing….. There’s an amazing story I feel I would be doing you a major disservice if I didn’t introduce you to right now.

Its the story of two men. Both of whom were homeless at one point in their lives. Both lived in poverty. One lived in a van and the other was on the verge of self-destruction from drugs. They both managed to get their stuff together, learned a few things about internet marketing and partnered up to create a community of empowered entrepreneurs and successful marketers. Many of whom are creating lives of total freedom and financial abundance following their simple system.

Click here right now to discover their story and witness how their system is creating wealth and success across the internet. All through simple story telling and teaching 21st century marketing strategies.

Thanks for reading and happy marketing!


Advocare Review – If your looking for a comprehensive advocare review about the products, the company and the potential problems of becoming an advocare distributor, look no further.

Were going to be diving right in and answering some of your most burning questions like,
what is advocare, is advocare a scam, is there really money to be made with advocare
international and what are the potential problems of signing up and becoming a distributor
with advocare international.

Read the rest of the review or watch this video:

What is advocare?
Advocare is a health and wellness company that uses network marketing as a way to take
their products to the marketplace. When a company or corporation forms they have to make important decisions about how they’re going to take their products to the marketplace. Some companies do this by buying expensive television, radio and print campaigns. All media forms that have become less and less effective, by the way, with the rise of the internet and social media.

Advocare international as well as thousands of other companies use network marketing also known as referral marketing or word of mouth marketing to accomplish the same thing. Instead of giving other corporations like ABC or NBC millions of dollars they allow people, advocare distributors to take a piece of the distribution process and the profits by sharing its products and building sales organizations.
Is Advocare a scam?
Many network marketing companies, like advocare international are viewed by some people who do not understand the concept of network marketing, as scams. A ponzi scheme is a scam. That is where money is exchanged but no goods or services are exchanged in return.
Advocare has an extensive product line. That alone means its not a ponzi scheme.
Be careful who you take advice from. If someone is telling you that advocare is a scam, look
at their results in life. Are they financially free? Or are they broke? Do they have the results in life that you want? A pretty good rule of thumb is don’t take business advice from anyone who’s not successful in business or who doesn’t have what you want out of life

Is advocare a scam?

No way, not at all. Anyone who tells you advocare is a scam doesn’t understand the
network marketing profession or distribution model.
How do I make money as an advocare distributor?

Great question… Glad you asked!

You make money with advocare international by exposing the advocare products and the
advocare business opportunity with people who are interested in ways to improve their health, lose weight or make a side income from home.

The problem for most advocare distributors is that they don’t have enough quality people to talk to about the products and opportunity. They are only taught to talk to their friends and family members about the business. But what if they don’t have any credibility with their friends and family members? Or what if they’ve already exposed all of their friends and family members? What then? Well then you would need to go outside the advocare business.
Use a marketing system like ours where you can learn how to generate high quality leads for your advocare business online using things like Facebook and search engine marketing.
Learn more by visiting


Click here now to get free training and to get on the early bird list for Live the Dream 4 coming to a city near you in 2013!

As you can see from the video success leaves clues and you too should be surrounding yourself with books and resources that empower you to be better at marketing, leadership and enhance your own levels of personal development.

Visit my 6-figure mlm resources page to discover some of the resources that have allowed me to become a top producer in my mlm company and  go from making 19k in 2009 to my first ever 6-figure income in 2011.

Until next time..

Adam Chandler


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Could more traffic and leads help you build your business with more speed pleasure and ease?

Could more auto-pilot sales and sign ups help you sleep a bit better at night knowing your business is growing without you having to be there?

If so todays blog post will act as a tow truck to get your business off the side of the road and moving in the direction of profits, time freedom and a whole lot more fun!

Here’s how I know the majority of marketers, like yourself, want more training in the area of traffic and lead generation….

A few months back my business partner Jordan and I sent out a survey to thousands of marketers asking where you wanted the most training and help when it comes to building your business. The first option was prospecting and recruiting. Another option was traffic and leads and then there were a few more options which no one chose anyway so who cares what they were, right?

It was clear, after reading the responses to the survey that “Prospecting and recruiting” was the area in which most people needed the most help and training. In response to this we created our “Triple Your Sponsoring” course and some free training on how to answer the 5 most common objections to a network marketing opportunity which you can access when you click here right now.

 However, “Traffic and Lead Generation” was not far behind!

So recently, we put together part 2 of our training series all about how you can skyrocket your traffic and lead flow. Jordan recorded a free training audio entitled, “The Ultimate Traffic Source No One Tells You About”  which you can access for free when you click here and opt-in on this page.

Now here it is, my ”5 Stupid Simple Free Ways to Get More Traffic and Leads Today! Take action on these strategies and you will have more traffic and leads coming into your life and business in the very near future!

 1.) Post to Groups on Facebook

Now this method will work when you post relevent offers in relevent groups. So for example don’t post something about health and wellness to a group of network marketers. Your message will fall on deaf ears. Also, don’t post about your online lead generation system in a group designed around health and wellness. See how that works? Congruency is key!

Also, you will notice that many times people go to network marketing groups and post links to their lead capture page or affiliate opportunity. If you want you message to be diluted, keep it the same as everyone else’s. If you want to stand out, post a piece of content like a youtube video or a blog post where you teach something and provide value. Then you promote your link at the end and the law of reciprocity will kick in and you’ll have more people visiting your site and taking an action like opting-in. I.E. Traffic and Leads.


2.) Youtube Videos

There are a ton of ways to generate leads and traffic and make sales with youtube. If you’ve never done a video before, start with something simple like an “about me” video where you share your story. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made any money in your business. If you’ve been doing a home based business for more than a month you can title it something like, “The 3 lightbulb moments I’ve had about building a home based business.” or share how your business has helped you feel a renewed sense of hope for the future. At the end simply invite people to take a look at your website by clicking the link below the video. Share your video on facebook and anywhere else you have a social audience. HINT: if you ask for your facebook friends to do you a favor and watch your video you will get way more people to watch it than if you just post it without a “do me a favor” type of message

 3.) Post a “curiosity post” to your own facebook wall

Most new marketers make the mistake of just posting a boring old run of the mill post to their Facebook wall and then complain when they don’t get any leads out of it. Here’s an idea. Make a post that engages the reader. Ask them a question. If you have a health and wellness business say something like, “Finally found a way to get a piece of a growing trillion dollar industry. Wow this is exciting! Message me if you want some details.”

Okay do you see how that raises curiosity with your people and how instead of posting something that doesn’t interest them you actually filter out the uninterested people and actually get the ones who are interested to actually MESSAGE YOU asking for information. Its what we call permission based marketing and it postures you as the authority instead of a sales person for XYZ company.

You can also ask questions of your facebook audience related to your business, get a comment thread going and then post a link to your website in a comment at the end of the thread. See how with this message your link is going to an active, engaged, interested segment of your facebook friends instead of everyone. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Its bad marketing and it doesn’t work!

 4.) Forum Marketing

There are all kinds of forums online related to all kinds of topics and many in the home business industry. Do a google search for “home business forums” find a few that look good and join them. has an awesome home business forum.  With forums you often get to create a signature with your website link so create a compelling reason for them to visit your website. That is how you get website visitors and leads with forums. Then you need to get as many eyeballs in front of your signature as possible. You do this by posting in the forum and ask good, thought provoking questions. Engage the other people in the forums. Ask for their opinions on certain programs or training products. Make forum posts where you aks other forum members for their advice. Don’t try to hide the fact you are a newbie if you are.

 5.) Twitter

here are hundreds of tools you can use with twitter to automate your traffic and lead flow on the social media giant. You can post links to your site as long as you also pepper in good relevant content. This can be content you’ve created or content other people have created. Follow the 4 E’s of social media marketing. Find and post content that Engages, Entertains, Enlightens and Educates your audience. If you do this your audience will come to LOVE you and you they will be way more likely to click on a link to your website and become a lead when you ask them to. So if you post 5 times a day. 4 of those posts should follow the 4 E’s and 1 should promote your own website. Get it? You can find awesome content to post when you visit and as well as and anywhere else you find good content that you enjoy.

On twitter you can also create a direct message that goes to anyone who follows you on twitter. This message can send them to your website and then you can automate the process to get people to follow you by using something like

I hope you took some golden nuggets away from these 5 stupid simple free traffic strategies.

Remember to access the free audio training on “The Ultimate Traffic Source No One Told You About” right here


 Adam Chandler



P.S.  Here’s another traffic and lead generating monster!

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